Dr. Donald M. Eisenman, DAOM, AP, is a licensed acupuncture physician and neuromuscular therapist who, for the past twelve years, has specialized in chronic pain and soft tissue dysfunction.


Dorothy S. Wells


Dorothy S. Wells, AP, FABORM, is a licensed acupuncture physician and certified functional medicine practitioner. She is a fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM)


Abby Grace

Official Greeter

Hi! My name is Abby Grace, and I’m a two year old golden retriever. Did you know that dogs can help balance cortisol levels and reduce stress? That’s why I’m the official greeter at our office.



Greeter in Training

Hi! My name is Astro, and I’m a greeter in training. I look forward to greeting you soon. I get along with Abby just fine, but we’re different in character because I’m very bubbly.