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Annie B

I was diagnosed with MS in 2008. During this time I have tried all sorts of holistic and alternative treatments. These treatments would show some results for a short period of time but nothing lasted. I have been seeing Dr. E for a month now and am seeing results. He did an extensive intake and gave me feedback in clear and concise language and is not dismissive as some providers can be. He continues to ask me about any new issues and reviews previous visits to ensure that the treatments are working. My current ailments have been severe fatigue and muscle spasms. Dr. E really listened to me when I expressed that I never sleep more than two hour intervals. All other doctors have suggested medication but Dr. E suggested some herbal supplements. I was skeptical as I have tried quite a few and had little to no change in sleep. I am excited to report that within three days of using the herbs I slept five hour interval. I continue to sleep at around this time frame and am able to fall back to sleep within 20 mins as opposed to hours.

I also have the muscle spasms which are painful and can be debilitating and Dr. E has explained what my body is doing and has “prescribed” alternative methods along with herbal supplements and massage and I am happy to report these are becoming less of an issue on a daily. I could not be more pleased with the services provided. I would also like to give a shout out to Debbie the office manager. I am a veteran and am able to use the VA benefits but as we all know that can be a cumbersome world to navigate. By my second visit she had the authorizations and was able to schedule all of my approved visits. She also is spot on with reminder/confirmation text messages and will answer any office related questions in a timely manner. I absolutely could go on and on about Dr. E and Debbie and how wonderful they are. I highly recommend that if you are having any type of issue and would like to try something other than Western medicine you give this office a call and be prepared to get well from the inside out. Truly a mind, body, and soul experience!

Cyrus K

Without question, this was an incredible experience. Dr. E is a “savant” when it comes to reading muscular and emotional tension in the human body, and he was able to help me resolve a number of issues within only a few visits.

The first issue that I developed was a tight mid-back, followed by tight hip flexors, and a tight lower back. Dr. E identified exactly how these 3 issues were connected to each other, then proceeded to develop a customized treatment plan tailored to my specific needs. As someone who has tried a variety of treatments for my chronic discomfort, I can honestly say that Dr. E’s approach was a breath of fresh air.

From the moment I stepped into his clinic, I was greeted with warmth, professionalism, and a genuine concern for my well-being. The soothing ambiance and calming music only added to the overall sense of serenity, putting me at ease and creating the perfect environment for healing.

Dr. E began my sessions with a comprehensive assessment of my posture, mobility, and overall body alignment, demonstrating his commitment to understanding the root causes of my discomfort. Through his skilled hands and keen intuition, he was able to detect subtle imbalances that I was completely unaware of. His precise needling technique was virtually painless, and I could feel the tension in my muscles dissipate almost immediately.

Throughout the treatment process, Dr. E consistently communicated with me to ensure that I was comfortable and informed. He patiently explained the rationale behind each acupuncture point and the role it played in restoring balance to my body. This level of transparency and education not only built trust, but also empowered me to take an active role in my own healing journey.

After just a few sessions, I experienced a dramatic improvement in my flexibility, mobility, and overall comfort. My mid-back, lower back, and hip flexors felt noticeably looser, and the chronic tension that had been plaguing me for years had finally subsided. It was nothing short of a miracle.

In summary, my experience with Dr. E was truly transformative. His expertise, compassion, and dedication to his craft are evident in every aspect of his practice. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. E to anyone seeking relief from muscular and emotional tension – he is, without a doubt, a master in his field.


Am a (senior age) athlete – basketball, rugby, fitness classes, etc. Due to various injuries and probable overuse across the years – approx a year ago developed constant aggravation in hip, glute, quads areas lasting for months – tried rest, ice, compression, elevation – plus PT, massage, etc. No significant progress UNTIL I found Dr Eisenman recently. In a few short focused treatments (plus extremely valuable insights and advice about diet, exercise, stretch etc for me to perform myself) – I am back sprinting, jogging, walking pain free – enjoying athletics again. Dr Eisenman is very passionate and knowledgeable – and quite willing to share helpful tips just out of his positive nature. Very appreciate thanks!

Jo Labram

I was looking for a holistic doctor in St. Petersburg FL and after reading reviews about Dr. Eisenman, I decided to make an appointment. I couldn’t be happier with my decision. He is EVERYTHING his reviews had to say about him and more. I went to see him, regarding hot flashes and clearing my throat, and back pain. I’ve been to see him 3 times now. With his recommendation of food changes, acupuncture, medicine, I feeling amazing! It’s kinda scary going to a new doctor, Dr. Eisenman immediately made me feel comfortable and very much at ease. As he reviewed my paperwork, he asked question, we talked about my symptoms and what results I expected.

I literally have not felt better or more confident about placing my life in someone’s hands. His knowledge, understanding, compassion is above and beyond. Some people are afraid of acupuncture, nothing to be afraid of. Dr. Eisenman is so gentle and precise you won’t even realize you are having acupuncture you will be in such a relaxed state. I’m so grateful that I read his reviews and took a chance on Dr. Eisenman! You will be too! I would highly recommend him!

J Leone

I’ve been battling with pain in my joints, specifically my hands and knees, for years. After one consultation and treatment, I have been pain free for over a month now. My energy levels are up, I’m sleeping well and feel healthier. Dr. Eisenman has earned my complete confidence and trust in a very short period of time.

Lisa Lardi Echeverria

Hands of gold are priceless! Doctor Dons knowledge and expertise in the anatomy of ones body both from western and eastern mindset of medical care allows him to be extremely thorough and effective with my physical therapy. His ability to identify and perform holistic PT and in addition to Clinical PT which immediately followed my 2 spine surgeries (Spinal fusion with instrumentation) have helped to get me on my path to recovery quicker then anyone ever expected. My spine surgeon said “Lisa you are amazing” Hands of gold are priceless and these are what Doc Don has. During my surgeries I had major issues with my digestive tract and soon as I returned home Dr Don helped educate me on how to heal and repair my digestive system to help rebuild my immune system.

During these times of Covid Don was extremely professional and complied with all COVID health requirements to keep me and my family safe.
Don also works on the members of my family (My brother, my niece, my husband and my father) which have problems ranging from head to toe as well as internal medicine. Don helped my 88 year old father get through terrible pain with his fractured vertebra due to a fall. His ability to heal are incredible.
Looking forward to his next visit!

Leora Zwebner

I’ve had pain in my shoulder/arm for months and tried different methods to heal. My range of motion became extremely limited which kept me from doing activities I enjoyed. I was referred to Dr. Eisenman by a friend who spoke highly of him, she assured me that he’ll get to the root cause of my pain and help me heal. On my first visit he managed to relieve some of my pain simply using his hands and acupuncture. He’s kind, calming, respectful and extremely knowledgeable in all areas of healing. With his help I look forward to a complete recovery and would definitely recommend him to all.

Brennan Rose

Dr. Don Eisenman at Holistic Primary Care is the best acupuncturist I have ever had. Ive traveled around the world and have had many visits to acupuncturist. Ive had 4 knee surgeries and have never felt so good after seeing Dr Don Eisenman. Don had a special talent, I felt like he read my body and knew where to start. Every time I come to Miami I will be seeing him, I wish he could travel around the world with me. Overall it was an amazing experience, the shop was super clean and stacked with healing herbs. Thanks again Holistic Primary Care. See you soon.

Cary Cameron

Going to Dr. Eisenmen was the best decision I could have made. I’ve been fighting muscle tightness in my hips for several months. I noticed improvement after my first appointment with him and I am now on my 4th appointment and feeling better than ever. Dr. Eisenmen is very professional and put me at ease right away. I highly recommend giving him a try.

Daphne Tsongranis

I visited Dr. Eisenman for upper and lower back pain not relieved by OTC meds. He incorporates neuromuscular massage with Accupuncture and sound Chinese medicine for symptom relief. After the first visit my symptoms were greatly reduced. He’s thorough, taking time to address issues I didn’t even realize may be related. As a Western trained nurse for over 30 years, his approach was vastly different than physicians who just want to throw a pharmaceutical at the symptom. I highly recommend Holistic Primary Care in St. Petersburg.

Reno Ravenna

Dr Don definitely gets results. My primary physician diagnosed me with a herniated disc that was pushing on my c7 nerve. They told me surgery was a possibility. I was experiencing some pain but mostly numbness and loss of strength on the right side of my upper body. Three sessions with Dr Don and I’m almost at full strength. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Hiromo Chino

My husband and I have been coming to South Beach for the last four years to get away from the cold. I had the good fortune of finding Dr. E at Holistic Primary Care last winter when I was looking for someone to treat my dermatitis. I am someone who has relied on complementary and alternative medicine for years and have been seen by practitioners and therapists in the US, Europe and Asia, and Dr. E is one of the best. I recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone who has acute and/or chronic pain. I love massages and try to get them whenever I can but Dr. E’s neuromuscular work is much more than just a feel-good massage and I find it very therapeutic. My husband, who has severe spinal stenosis, sees Dr. E twice a week to help loosen up his lower back. He’s always been the skeptical one and needed some urging from me but now he says that he knows Dr. E is helping him. I also appreciate Dr. E’s ethics, kindness, humility and dedication to his profession. Wish we could take him home with us when we return to Virginia in the spring.

Steve Gershman

Dr. Don Eisenmann is the best in town. He has been helping me with post surgical issues for years. My mother, an infectious disease physician, also refers many patients to Don citing his great success in helping me overcome substantial pain without having to resort to nasty yet traditional pharmaceutical therapy.

Don and Dorothy, his colleague, are professional and always lovely. The office setting is serene and easily accessible. Love these guys!

Jen N.
Miami, FL

Thanks to Don, I was able to train comfortably for a full marathon after a 13-year hiatus from the distance. His expert advice and innovative treatment allowed me to overcome a nagging calf injury…and middle age. Because of Don, I enjoyed a successful ING Miami marathon and a qualifying time to Boston.

Yelena Ivanov
Miami Beach, FL

Like most busy moms out there, I am used to putting myself and my own needs last, but when the pain became unbearable, I knew I had to do something. After spending a lot of time, money and energy on hospital tests, doctor visits and pain medications that left me tired, confused and frustrated, I decided to take a different approach. Although I was skeptical at first, I started feeling better after the very first visit. Don is truly amazing. Instead of simply focusing on the symptoms, he treats you as a person. He really takes time to listen and understand before developing a targeted treatment plan that best suits your needs. It took several intensive sessions to get my body back on track, and then the key was to maintain my progress. Each treatment alleviated more of my symptoms and I feel like myself again. The atmosphere of the Center is very relaxing and offers an escape from the daily pressure and stress. I look forward to my visits and always come out feeling re-energized and rejuvenated.

Gary Rancourt

Don is the real deal! He is highly competent and very effective. It seems that he has eyes in his fingers as he is able to diagnose and treat many conditions with his unique combination of deep tissue and fascia manipulation followed by acupuncture. I have benefitted greatly from his treatments and recommend him enthusiastically.

Awilda Acaron

Don is an incredible practitioner. I have been going for treatment for several years now and he is amazing. I even brought my mom to receive treatment. She was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis on both hips and knees. She was so painful that she could barely walk. She was told she would need surgery on all joints. That seemed a bit excessive to me so I decided to bring her to Don for treatment to at least get the pain under control and then consider the possibility of surgery. In two weeks she went from barely able to get out of bed to walking just using a cane. It was an incredible transformation all thanks to Don. I will always appreciate what he did for my mom and will be a loyal client for many years to come. If you have any health issues or just want to be overall healthier do yourself a favor and go see Don and at least get a consultation. It may change your life.

Chris Andrew

The best holistic doctor in Miami! I have had problems with my legs for years (a moving form of arthritis. I was in Miami Beach in January and went to holistic. I literally have not felt better and more confident about my care. Donald was very knowledgable and thorough in his descriptions about my health and well being. And the results? I haven’t had problems for 6 months! He is amazing. Definitely recommend.

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