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Dr. Donald M. Eisenman, DAOM, AP
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Dorothy Wells
Dorothy S. Wells, AP, FABORM
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Regain Health, Relieve Pain and Stress, Unblock Fertility, and Treat Illness the Natural Way with Acupuncture and Holistic Healthcare

Holistic Primary Care Treats The Following Conditions:

Back/Neck Pain




Poor Digestion




Sports Injuries






Chronic Pain


PCOS/Irregular Periods


Painful Periods










Skin Conditions

Miami Beach Acupuncture by Holistic Primary Care

Have you been unable to get the results you want with conventional medical care alone?

Are you tired of relying on pharmaceutical drugs for relief?

If you are like most of our patients, you are looking for a more natural and holistic approach to solving health concerns such as:

  • Pain
  • Stress and anxiety
  • IBS or digestive issues
  • Fatigue or low energy
  • Frequent colds or not feeling well
  • Chronic illness no one can figure out
  • Painful, irregular periods or PMS
  • Infertility or recurrent miscarriage

We can provide effective, holistic solutions!

We offer acupuncture and holistic health care in Miami Beach and Miami Shores designed for you as an individual. First, we determine your unique constitution, then we design a treatment plan just for you.

We combine acupuncture, massage, and trigger point therapy, along with Chinese herbal medicine, functional medicine, nutritional counseling and lifestyle changes. We can order clinical lab testing, including blood work, to test for common deficiencies and hormone imbalances. This allows us the ability to treat almost any condition, even those that are resistant to conventional medical treatments.  Our main goal is to restore balance to your body through our holistic care.

Many people today are out of balance. These imbalances can show up as stress, pain, trouble sleeping, digestive difficulties, chronic inflammation, and a lowered immune system.  Stress, injuries and incorrect posture and body alignment often lead to chronic muscle tension and pain.

The result of continuing in such a state of imbalance is often illness, which can range from minor ailments to more severe conditions, including infertility and other reproductive disorders.

The goal of many of our patients is to become pain-free without medication. Or it may be that you want to achieve your dream of a starting a family.

We are happy to work together with you and any other medical doctor or health professional to find safe and healthy solutions to your goals through our holistic services. We look forward to meeting you to find out how we can help you achieve optimal health.

We are here to help, and we love to answer questions!

Call us today at our offices in Miami Beach and Miami Shores.

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The use of very fine, high-quality needles inserted into specific points along acupuncture meridians (channels or pathways that carry energy through the body. Learn More


The inside of a special cup is heated to produce a vacuum, then rubbed or place on the skin to help promote blood circulation. Learn More

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)

A specialized form of massage therapy that is used to work on soft tissue, which in turn helps balance the central nervous system. Learn More


A concentrated form of heat infused with healing herbs which are used to stimulate acupuncture points, direct qi and provide energy to the body. Learn More

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Usually prescribed as a combination of herbs known as an herbal formula, which has a medicinal effect with few side effects. Learn More
Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine, like Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), addresses the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms, to look for underlying causes of disease. Learn More
Happy customers.
Chris Andrew

Miami, FL

“I have had problems with my legs for years (a moving form of arthritis. I was in Miami Beach in January and went to holistic. I literally have not felt better and more confident about my care. Donald was very knowledgable and thorough in his descriptions about my health and well being. And the results? I haven’t had problems for 6 months! He is amazing. Definitely recommend.”
Brad Vomacka

Miami, FL

“Doctors Don and Dorothy are wonderful! My wife and I have been seeing them for over 8 months and we couldn’t be happier. Doctor Don was able to fix my calf tightness in three visits, I’d been struggling with it for months. They also do a great job with herbs when you get sick our just want to enhance your overall health.”
Cara Caine
“Dorothy Wells is not only an amazing acupuncturist she is an amazing person with great positive energy. Dr. Wells treated me with acupuncture along with Chinese herbal supplements and helped me get pregnant and give birth to a beautiful baby girl.”
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Add more soups and juices to your diet to increase your energy. A large percentage of the population suffers from fatigue, which could be easily improved by a few dietary modifications.
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Did you know that drinking ice cold water can cause pain? If you experience headaches or muscle pain on a regular basis, try drinking water at room temperature.
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