Common Injuries, Ailments & Pain

Here are more details about some of the most common injuries, aches, pains and more that our clients experience.

Sports Injuries

For those who have experienced a sports-related injury, you know it can be devastating to your lifestyle as well a being very painful. The normal route people follow is to take pain medications and to do physical therapy or sometimes even surgery. Even if you choose one of these conventional routes, it is still very important to address the body’s soft tissue, which includes muscles and fascia. Trigger points in soft tissue can inhibit the proper blood flow that aids in healing. In fact, this is why a lot of patients have tried physical therapy and found it to be ineffective if the soft tissue dysfunction was not completely addressed.
At Holistic Primary Care, we have helped many patients to overcome sports-related injuries and return to an active lifestyle. We combine acupuncture, neuromuscular therapy, cupping, and homeopathic injections along with specific exercises our patients can learn to do at home. This type of treatment can be done on its own, or it can be integrated with other therapies such as physical therapy or surgery.

Acute and Chronic Pain

Acute and chronic pain is something that we all face at some point in our lives. Acupuncture can treat pain very effectively, especially when combined with neuromuscular therapy. The foundation of Chinese medicine is to treat the root cause. In most cases, the root cause of musculoskeletal pain is related to soft tissue, which includes muscles and fascia, and to trigger points, which can affect tendons, ligaments and bones. Our approach has helped to treat acute and chronic pain effectively for many patients.

Cold and Flu

Chinese medicine is very effective in treating common cold and flu symptoms and can help significantly minimize the duration of the illness. Once properly diagnosed, we design a treatment plan to help expel the pathogen by using acupuncture, cupping and the correct herbal formula and/or natural remedies. This type of treatment helps avoid some of the side effects of most conventional or over-the-counter medications.

Back and neck pain

Many of us have experienced back and neck pain in our lives due to injury, overuse, poor posture or sleeping habits, herniations, bulging discs or degeneration, just to name a few. The one thing these causes all have in common is that they are related to soft tissue, which includes muscles, tendons and fascia, and trigger points that can influence many of the conditions listed. Most people make their back and neck pain worse by stretching and applying heat or by seeking help from medical professionals who are not trained to work with soft tissue dysfunction. We have a proven and effective protocol and treatment plan for back and neck pain in which we combine acupuncture, neuromuscular therapy and other holistic modalities to relieve pain and restore function.


Headaches and migraines can be debilitating and disruptive to everyday living. There are many factors that can contribute to headaches and migraines. These include stress, tension, teeth grinding, poor posture, hormonal or nutritional imbalances and food sensitivities. When treating headaches or migraines, we take all these potential factors into consideration, and this allows us to treat and reduce painful symptoms effectively. We combine acupuncture, neuromuscular therapy, diet and lifestyle recommendations, Chinese herbal medicine and natural supplements to give our patients the best treatment.


Dr. Eisenman has successfully treated sciatica and similar conditions that mimic this painful condition. He has a unique approach in which he combines his expertise in working with soft tissue dysfunction, correcting body alignment, acupuncture and neuromuscular therapy. Soft tissue dysfunction can include painful entrapment of the sciatic nerve. He looks at restoring correct alignment by addressing adjacent or opposite muscles, which when tight or loaded with trigger points can refer pain. The neuromuscular and soft tissue work is followed by acupuncture, which can help improve blood flow, reduce inflammation and decrease pain. He also uses homeopathic injections combined with vitamin B-12 to help with pain and inflammation.


Fatigue is so common that for some it feels like an inevitable part of daily life. However, it is important to look carefully at what might be causing the fatigue. It is important to rule out serious illness which could be causing fatigue as one symptom. Even if no illness is diagnosed, the body may still be out of balance. Using acupuncture, Chinese medicine and functional medicine, we can help you rebalance your body and regain energy.

Irregular Periods

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can be effective tools to help regulate the menstrual cycle. There are many causes of irregular periods. Even stress or travel can cause a woman’s cycle to change rhythm, arriving early or late. Polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, is a common cause of irregular menstrual cycles. Birth control pills may seem to regulate the cycle, but what they are really doing is suppressing ovulation, and this does not actually solve the underlying issue. Acupuncture physician Dorothy S. Wells specializes in the treatment of female reproductive health and fertility. She works with many women on reproductive issues such as irregular periods, painful periods, heavy periods, endometriosis and fibroids. These types of issues not only cause pain and interfere with daily activities, but they can impact future fertility, so this is an important reason to try acupuncture.


Acupuncture treatments are beneficial during all stages of pregnancy and postpartum.
This is a time when it is advisable to reduce reliance on medications, and acupuncture can offer non-pharmaceutical relief for issues such as nausea, headache, insomnia, back pain, and constipation. As the time for delivery approaches, acupuncture can help your body get ready for labor. It is important to choose a practitioner who has experience in treating during pregnancy. Acupuncture physician Dorothy S. Wells specializes in the treatment of female reproductive health and fertility, including pregnancy and postpartum care.

Acupuncture Injection Therapy

Acupuncture injection therapy (AIT) involves the use of vitamins or homeopathic solutions prepared especially for injection into acupuncture points. AIT can be used therapeutically for pain and many other conditions.