Annie B

I was diagnosed with MS in 2008. During this time I have tried all sorts of holistic and alternative treatments. These treatments would show some results for a short period of time but nothing lasted. I have been seeing Dr. E for a month now and am seeing results. He did an extensive intake and gave me feedback in clear and concise language and is not dismissive as some providers can be. He continues to ask me about any new issues and reviews previous visits to ensure that the treatments are working. My current ailments have been severe fatigue and muscle spasms. Dr. E really listened to me when I expressed that I never sleep more than two hour intervals. All other doctors have suggested medication but Dr. E suggested some herbal supplements. I was skeptical as I have tried quite a few and had little to no change in sleep. I am excited to report that within three days of using the herbs I slept five hour interval. I continue to sleep at around this time frame and am able to fall back to sleep within 20 mins as opposed to hours.

I also have the muscle spasms which are painful and can be debilitating and Dr. E has explained what my body is doing and has “prescribed” alternative methods along with herbal supplements and massage and I am happy to report these are becoming less of an issue on a daily. I could not be more pleased with the services provided. I would also like to give a shout out to Debbie the office manager. I am a veteran and am able to use the VA benefits but as we all know that can be a cumbersome world to navigate. By my second visit she had the authorizations and was able to schedule all of my approved visits. She also is spot on with reminder/confirmation text messages and will answer any office related questions in a timely manner. I absolutely could go on and on about Dr. E and Debbie and how wonderful they are. I highly recommend that if you are having any type of issue and would like to try something other than Western medicine you give this office a call and be prepared to get well from the inside out. Truly a mind, body, and soul experience!