Hiromo Chino

My husband and I have been coming to South Beach for the last four years to get away from the cold. I had the good fortune of finding Dr. E at Holistic Primary Care last winter when I was looking for someone to treat my dermatitis. I am someone who has relied on complementary and alternative medicine for years and have been seen by practitioners and therapists in the US, Europe and Asia, and Dr. E is one of the best. I recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone who has acute and/or chronic pain. I love massages and try to get them whenever I can but Dr. E’s neuromuscular work is much more than just a feel-good massage and I find it very therapeutic. My husband, who has severe spinal stenosis, sees Dr. E twice a week to help loosen up his lower back. He’s always been the skeptical one and needed some urging from me but now he says that he knows Dr. E is helping him. I also appreciate Dr. E’s ethics, kindness, humility and dedication to his profession. Wish we could take him home with us when we return to Virginia in the spring.