COVID Treatment – Acute & Longhaul Symptoms

COVID Treatment St Petersberg FL

Dr Eisenman has been successful in treating the symptoms of SARS -COV, COVID 19 and SARS -COV 2, both acute and chronic which is identified as long haul symptoms. There are many reasons why patients experience different symptoms and recovery times. We need to have slightly different treatment plans depending what stage of the disease the patient is in, as well as their own unique constitution. In fact some patients that tested positive but were asymptomatic developed long haul symptoms weeks after diagnosis.

Treatments used combine Acupuncture, cupping which is highly beneficial to the lungs, herbal and natural supplements as well as injectable’s like Vitamin B Complex, B-12, C, Mineral blend with zinc and a Vita complex. These are vital in treatment and recovery as sometimes other remedies taken orally are not always properly absorbed. Dr. Eisenman also provides patients with the knowledge and understanding of how to improve over all immune support and function and live a more holistic lifestyle.

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COVID Treatment is critical in today’s day and age, and many patients come in to our St Petersburg holistic clinic on a regular basis to maintain a healthy body and mind. Call us today to find out how our holistic services, including COVID treatment in St Petersburg FL, can help you achieve your health goals.

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