Nutritional Counseling

A lot of patients receive nutritional counseling on which nutrients are beneficial or recommended and needed for optimal health.
Normally supplements and diet recommendations are prescribed in order to help obtain better nutrition.

Dr. Eisenman agrees that this is a key component in obtaining a healthier body and stronger immune system but only when that patient can digest and absorb these foods and nutrients. This is determined in large by gut health as well as the source and type as not all supplements are created equal. Some are not easily absorbed in certain forms so knowledge in this area is key and taken into consideration just as the PROPERTIES (ex. damp, hot ,cold and spicy ) of the food we consume, not just the medicinal or nutritive benefits. These properties can impede digestion and absorption when not aligned with the patients own constitution and environment. Dr. E is also a functional medicine practitioner with the main focus on a healthy gut biome. This is obtained in part by proper GI map testing and effective conjunct treatment protocols.

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Nutritional Counseling can be useful for almost any health condition, and many patients come in to our St Petersburg holistic clinic on a regular basis to maintain a healthy body and mind. Call us today to find out how our holistic services, including Nutritional Counseling in St Petersburg FL, can help you achieve your health goals.

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