Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine St Petersburg FL

What is Sports Medicine?

Sports Medicine focuses on helping people improve their overall athletic performance, prevent injury and recover more effectively to prevent future injuries.
Dr. Eisenman has a unique approach in treating sports related injuries as well as all types of acute and chronic pain by not only addressing the injury but identifying root cause. For example, if you have a sports related injury due to rolling your ankle, the root cause is not necessarily rolling your ankle but could have been caused by prior imbalances like a lengthened or shortened muscle. This causes trigger points to form; thereby creating ischemia (lack of blood flow) to muscles and tissues causing an imbalance or weakness. This would make you prone to injuries. Myofascial restrictions and adhesions can cause ischemia and restrictions which decrease range of motion, as well as weakened muscles.

These are all in the physical and are addressed but equally important is that muscles received proper nourishment which encompasses proper digestion and absorption of nutritions which is one of the main focuses in functional medicine. Gut health plays a vital role in all functions, development and growth of all systems in the body including musculoskeletal system.

Part of my unique approach is by combining acupuncture, neuromuscular therapy and functional medicine to address root causes and imbalances. My in depth approach with nutritional counseling is focusing on the properties of the food and drink not just nutritional value and medicinal effects which are important but not as important as the properties. These are unique to each individual and their environment.

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